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ASG Sprout is excited to be in the development phase of a new line of services aimed at strengthening family structures, empowering parents, and nurturing the health and well-being of caregivers. As we begin development of these services, we are seeking the opinions of the families we serve every day, to ask what services YOU would like to see available at Skill Sprout. Below you will find descriptions of services that we have either offered in the past or that we think might be valuable to families. Please feel free to check out these possible services, and click on the button to the right to complete the survey about which services and opportunities you would like to see next at Skill Sprout! Have your voice be heard!

ParentCare Wellness Series:

ParentCare is 6 week parent group, aimed at teaching parents how to take the best care of their own well-being. As the saying goes, “You can’t take care of others if you don’t first take care of yourself.”

Parent Training and Support Series: Behavioral Interventions to use at Home

This 6 week Parent Training series focuses on different behavioral supports and how to implement them in your home. Each session includes a training presentation and a support discussion focusing on your individual experiences with behavior supports and brainstorming how to best make these interventions work for your child.

Monthly Parent Workshops:

Monthly Parent Workshops are presented once per month and focus on topics important to families ranging from behavioral supports to understanding school services and IEPs. These Parent Workshops allow you to choose your commitment level; you can attend all scheduled sessions or only sign up for the topics that interest you.

Parent Training Request:

Parent Training Request involves the unique opportunity to request a training topic that is of most interest to you, and Skill Sprout will develop the training and deliver to you, one-on-one within 30 days.

Parent Symposiums:

Parent Symposiums are quarterly Parent Training events that provide training topics as well as a Multi-disciplinary Ask the Expert Panel. This half day training, usually provided on a Saturday, provides parents access to a significant amount of training resources in a one-day only time commitment.

Parent Lounge webpage:

This resource includes a section of Skill Sprout’s webpage dedicated to parent resources. This section of the webpage includes a place to access virtual and pre-recorded trainings, the newest and most relevant research, as well as a parent question and answer forum where you can talk to experts and even other parents.

Parent’s Night Out:

Parent’s Night Out includes Skill Sprout providing trained, dedicated staff who will provide a fun, educational and interactive night of activities for your child(ren) while you have a night off/out. Parents can use this time for date night, grocery shopping, quality time with children one at a time, etc.

Caregiver Connections Group:

The Caregiver Connections Group is a group of parents, led by a qualified staff member, and delivers a curriculum designed to help caregivers connect, improve communication, work through household stress, etc. This confidential group provides a safe place for caregivers to access other families in similar circumstances, improve their relationships and ultimately improve their family’s functioning.

Parent Appreciation Night:

Parents are offered a choice of activities that range from a night out at the bowling alley, to manicures and massages. Skill Sprout helps facilitate these adult night out activities that not only provide a time and place to relax and have fun, but opportunities to connect with other parents.

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