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At ASG, we offer a large array of support, programs and services to help children and families facing the challenges of autism and other neuro-disabilities—all under one roof.
This coordinated multi-disciplinary approach saves time, reduces stress and supports each individual child and family in the best way possible.

Our diagnostics program is unlike any other in the state. Appointments are available in a few weeks, rather than months. Children are not only assessed by on-staff Clinical Psychologists, but also clinicians in other disciplines. This means the child will be best assessed so we can achieve the RIGHT diagnosis. Our diagnostics clinic is not limited to children with a possible autism diagnosis. We’re committed to helping our communities and families in our communities obtain the proper services for their children.

Major Insurance is accepted and Self-Pay is available.

ABA is a therapy based on the science of learning and behavior. It can help us understand how behavior works in real situations, how it’s affected by the environment, and how learning takes place. It uses positive reinforcement as a main strategy.

ABA assists your child with:

• Increasing language and communication skills
• Improving attention, focus, social skills, memory, and academics
• Decreasing problem behaviors
• Teaching life skills like self-care, play and leisure, motor skills and learning

Each program is designed to address the issues and help an individual child achieve his or her potential—no two programs are alike.

Major Insurance is accepted and Self-Pay is available.

Speech therapy is an integral therapy for children with autism or neuro-disabilities. A speech-language pathologist can help children produce speech, as well as develop the language skills of putting words together to communicate ideas, either verbally or in reading and writing. Speech therapists can also improve the understanding of language and improve social communication.

In addition, the speech pathologist can help nonverbal children find and use the most appropriate means of alternative communication. They might use gestures, pictures, visual supports, or even electronic communication devices.

Major insurance is accepted and Self-Pay is available.

Many children with autism and neuro-disabilities need help in learning how to act in different kinds of social situations. While the child may have the desire to interact with others, they may not know how to engage friends or peers. They might be overwhelmed by the idea of new experiences, as well.

By building up and practicing social skills a child can learn how to participate in the community, experience happiness, and friendships. Our trained staff follows a social skills curriculum which includes:
• Direct or explicit instruction and “teachable moments” with practice in realistic settings
• Focus on timing and attention
• Support for enhancing communication and sensory integration
• Learning behaviors that lead to friendship and happiness
• A way to build up cognitive and language skills

Major insurance is accepted and Self-Pay is available.

When a child is diagnosed with autism or a neuro-disability, it affects the whole family. Siblings can act out or feel as if they are not getting adequate attention. Parents can feel lost or find themselves disagreeing about a course of action or solutions. Family programs are an important piece in caring for the family as a unit and not just caring for the diagnosis they are facing. ASG provides family programs that include:

• Support groups
• Group therapy
• Individual counseling for parents
• Individual counseling for siblings
• Family counseling

Major insurance is accepted and Self-Pay is available.

Parents and caregivers can feel isolated and alone when dealing with a child’s diagnosis. By meeting with other parents and caregivers in a supportive environment, parents can get the support and understanding they need. They realize they aren’t alone and others are navigating this path, as well. By listening to other parents and caregivers, and receiving guidance and support from ASG therapists, parents can cope better. They will be better equipped to help their families, as well.

Major insurance is accepted and Self-Pay is available.

Having a sibling with autism or a neuro-disability can be difficult and create other family dynamics. Counseling in a group or individual setting can provide the support and understanding that siblings need in order to cope and thrive. The therapists at ASG help siblings feel connected and supported every step of the way.

Major insurance is accepted and Self-Pay is available.

It’s not easy to have a child with a diagnosis or autism or a neuro-disability. You can feel isolated, frustrated, angry and lost. Many marriages can be strained. Individual counseling can help parents or caregivers get the understanding, emotional, and mental support they need as they navigate their child’s diagnosis and services. ASG is committed to supporting caregivers and parents on this journey.

Major insurance is accepted and Self-Pay is available.

“The first step is to get the right diagnosis so we can prepare a course of therapies to help a child maximize his or her potential. But we also provide the support that every parent and sibling need in order to cope with the diagnosis and thrive as a family.”

ASG Services

ASG assists children, families and individuals at any stage of learning, living and development. Our specialized programs utilize progressive, tested methods to teach and engage individuals with autism and other developmental disorders. We focus on building positive behaviors for living, learning, working and interacting with peers at any stage.

For children struggling with learning, socializing or adapting to their environment, it can be difficult for parents and peers to translate their frustrations and help them succeed. Our instructors and counselors specialize in developmental disorders and give children and individuals coping techniques specially suited to their needs. At early ages we help children develop motor skills, social skills and communication, while older children and young adults learn how to focus in school, express their feelings, use essential life skills and more. To give your child the best initial developmental framework, we also provide diagnostic and early intervention services at young ages.

Learn more about our occupational therapy services, counseling programs, rehabilitative courses and ABA Autism therapy services in Illinois and Texas. Contact us today to sign up for a program or ask about home-based or at-school therapy.

Autism Services Group can help unlock your child’s potential and provide support and resources for your family

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