Mental Health Services

Connecting with or relating to children and young adults with autism and other developmental disorders can be confusing, and leaves many parents uncertain about how to support their children. Skill Sprout provides autism therapy and mental health services throughout Illinois to help children and parents effectively communicate and share feelings. By learning and implementing emotional coping techniques, social skills and expressive outlets, children and parents enjoy a happier living, working and learning environment.

Experienced therapists specializing in communicative, social and learning disorders help children and young adults translate and express their feelings in positive ways. Kids, teens and young adults work with peers in a supportive, encouraging environment and forge lasting connections while conquering social anxiety, frustration, anger and depression. Fun, interactive activities, games, one-on-one counseling, therapy groups and role model pairing allows children from age 5 to 18 grow and express themselves while having fun.

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Autism Services Group can help unlock your child’s potential and provide support and resources for your family

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