Family Counseling Services

Skill Sprout is here to accommodate you and your family’s emotional and behavioral needs through our individualized counseling services. These services are designed for children with anxiety, depression, on the Autism Spectrum, and a wide variety of other mental health diagnoses. Our goal is to help your family and your child grow through counseling so they can maximize learning, social skills, and emotional health.

Our counseling services are conducted by Skill Sprout’s trained and certified master’s level health professionals. This professional will assess the best type of counseling for your child based on your child and your family’s needs, whether it is individual, family, siblings or parental. In addition to our counseling service, our staff will be able to recommend additional specialized programs that may fit your child’s personal needs and can be vital for their individual growth.

If you have questions about the counseling services provided by ASG, or are curious if this is the right direction for you, your family, and your child, call us today at (800) 773-1682.

Autism Services Group can help unlock your child’s potential and provide support and resources for your family

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