This program is offered at all of our ASG Clinics!

Does your child seem to struggle with his/her development of play skills?

Does your child seem nervous to play with other children his/her own age?

Do you worry that your child is not ready for the social expectations of school?

Whether your child has a diagnosis or a developmental delay, or you are simply looking to bolster your child’s social and play skills before entering pre-school or kindergarten, ASG has a new service that aims to foster your child’s developing play and social skills.

In ASG’s Social Skills Play Group our Social Skills therapy staff will use techniques and strategies to teach, foster, enhance and grow your child’s play and socialization skills. During Play Group each week, our therapists will use evidence-based strategies grounded in social learning theory and combined with principles of discrete trail training. We will use group activities such as game play, imaginative play, crafts, music and more, to foster skills such as sharing, turn-taking, initiating play with peers, following group instructions, responding to verbal and non-verbal cues from others, and many other skills needed for successful play and social interactions.

*Sessions require minimum enrollment in order to deliver group learning opportunities.

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